Executive Director Issues Call to Action on Founder’s Day

October 15, 2016

On October 15, 2016, Executive Director Cory Molner issued the following statement to the Brotherhood to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Delta Lambda Phi and Founder’s Day:

As we celebrate the date of our founding and the past thirty years of our existence, I think of our Founder’s Day toast: Until October 15, 1987, a Brotherhood as unique as that of Delta Lambda Phi had not existed. On that day, the foundation for our Brotherhood was laid by our Founder, Vernon L. Strickland, III. A Brotherhood, however, by definition does not exist of one man. Since our founding, the Fraternity has grown and flourished and enriched the lives of hundreds of men, and it will continue to grow and flourish and enrich the lives of hundreds more. Brothers, I ask you to take this time and reflect on the experience you have had, and the experiences you will continue to make. What you will do for the legacy of those that have come before us, and for those that will one day stand in our place.
As members of the Fraternity, it is up to us to continually mold, to change, and to accept changes into the organization that began thirty years ago. While we continue on our journey, many of us are reflecting on ways that the visions and goals of the organization can change. We are determining how we want our legacy to read to the future generations of those that will one day stand in our place. Reflect for a moment on the myriad of ways in which Delta Lambda Phi has shaped your life. Will you help shape it? Getting involved is one of the biggest ways you can help contribute to the legacy of Delta Lambda Phi. So, take today, and many of the days that follow in our thirtieth year celebration, to reflect, to reach out, communicate, volunteer, and help build our legacy.
Above all, enjoy this major milestone within our organization, and celebrate it and be proud of who we are.
May the Bond of Brotherhood forever endure,
Cory Molner, Executive Director