DLP and Delphi Announce “Delta Force: Balance”

June 6, 2018

Delta Lambda Phi and The Delphi Foundation are proud to announce a new leadership seminar targeted at graduated and soon-to-graduate active and alumni brothers which focuses on providing attendees a framework for creating an intentional life with purpose, direction, and balance. The new class is titled “Delta Force: Balance” and is part of the Delta Force Leadership Academy. 

Delta Force: Balance is grounded in each person’s individual strengths and informed by the values of Delta Lambda Phi and the Social Change Model. Balance is an educational experience that will enable Brothers of Delta Lambda Phi to build a pathway to greater well-being in all aspects of life.

Balance is a one-day seminar that will take place immediately before Convention. Attendees of Balance will leave the Balance experience with an actionable plan based on their strengths to build the life they wish to have, and will receive continued support from instructors and peers to help them stick to the plan, creating a cohort of support that allows Balance attendees to make the changes and achieve they goals they’ve struggled to achieve or name in the past. Balance is designed to be an experience that you can come back to, time and again, as needed, to touch base on your plan and make adjustments for whatever phase of life you’re in, knowing you have a strong peer support base grounded in the mission, vision, and values of Delta Lambda Phi, along with the principles of the Social Change Model.

Balance combines an understanding of one’s strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment with the foundations articulated and explained in “Wellbeing – the Five Essential Elements.” The program focuses on giving participants the tools to articulate and develop a plan for the five areas of wellbeing necessary for a balanced life:

  • Career Well-Being
  • Social Well-Being
  • Financial Well-Being
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Community Well-Being

Combined with the Social Change Model for Leadership Development, the program provides a collaborative approach to creating the life you’ve always wanted, with resources and committed partners to support and guide you on your way to achieving Balance in your life.

The inaugural course includes all materials and meals, along with instructor follow-up for the ensuing year after Balance and access to Balance peer-support systems.

Balance is different from the Delta Force programs (Strength and Empowerment) in that it is a one-day program, takes place immediately before Convention, and there is no application process (open to all, just pay the low $50 registration fee).

The inaugural Delta Force: Balance class will take place on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown (Convention 2018 hotel). Instructor for the inaugural Balance class include Br. Christopher Newman (DLP Secretary), Br. Bryan Guffey (DLPAA President),  and Br. Jeffrey Thompson (Life Member, Board of Directors). Click here to register!