Delta Lambda Phi Announces Historic Change to Expansion and Membership Experience

July 22, 2018

Denver, CO- Delta Lambda Phi, under the leadership and direction of its Annual Convention, has made a historic decision that will align its expansion efforts with its Values. By unanimous vote, Convention has approved a resolution to retire the use of the term “Colony” and “Colonist” when referring to newly established groups.

This resolution, authored by At Large Board Member Rob Grau and outgoing Executive Director Cory Molner, moves the organization towards more inclusive language. Delta Lambda Phi recognizes the outdated use of the term, which is limiting and exclusive and is harmful to its members and society as a whole. Furthermore, Delta Lambda Phi has voted to cease the use of “Colonist” to refer to members of newly established groups, as well as ceasing the extended membership period it is referring to. All groups formerly known as “Colonies” shall now be referred to as “Provisional Chapters.” Retiring outdated terminology is a necessary step towards the organization living its values.

Additionally, to align its membership experience with its values, Delta Lambda Phi will cease the extended process of prolonged introductory membership for its members of Provisional Chapters. At the conclusion of the new membership experience, members of Provisional Chapters will be initiated into the Fraternity as Brothers of Delta Lambda Phi.

About Delta Lambda Phi

Founded in 1986 in Washington D.C., Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity is the first nationally recognized Greek-Letter organization founded by gay men for all men. The membership of Delta Lambda Phi is open to all college men who supports its values. Delta Lambda Phi is the first fraternity of its kind to be recognized by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and has 30 chapters and Provisional Chapters across the United States and Canada. More information about Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity can be found at