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Br. Morgan Owens Elected Treasurer at University of Miami

February 22, 2016

The Brotherhood of Delta Lambda Phi is committed to making their presence make a difference. Difference comes at all levels: locally, regionally, nationally, and abroad. We want to congratulate Br. Morgan Owens of our Gamma Alpha Chapter at the University of Miami for his recent election as Student Government Treasurer for 2016-2017! Br. Owens (front row, third from […]

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Trans-Inclusive Greek Organizations

February 20, 2016

In a recent ThinkProgress article titled, Greek Organizations Are Slowly Becoming More Trans Inclusive, Br. Sean Finn of the Gamma Gamma Chapter shared his thought-process when joining Delta Lambda Phi: Being a part of [Delta Lambda Phi] it really provided a social community experience I don’t think I would have found without it, so joining the fraternity gave me […]

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Br. Sam Brinton to Present to the United Nations

October 24, 2014

One of our Brothers is making his presence make a difference at the United Nations! We’re so proud to hear that Beta Mu alumnus and DLP Secretary, Brother Sam Brinton, will present on the topic of conversion therapy to the United Nations in Geneva. Brinton had the following to say about this incredible opportunity: “Speaking […]

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Alpha Alpha Brother Becomes First Openly Gay Major College Football Player

August 14, 2014

Brother Edward “Chip” Sarafin of the Alpha Alpha Chapter at Arizona State University made history this week by becoming the first openly gay football player at a major college! Br. Sarafin is currently the sitting VP of the Alpha Alpha Chapter. This story has been picked up by national media since Chip came out in […]

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