Brotherhood Services

If you are a member of Delta Lambda Phi, that means you have access to the Fraternity’s world-class technology systems. To use the systems listed below you will need an account. If you do not currently have an account, you can set one up today!

    • Memberplanet
      Memberplanet is used to store your contact information and to register for Fraternity events (Regional Conferences, Convention, Charterings, etc). The Memberplanet account also allows access to all other Technology Services, and allows you to manage your chapter membership. Please be sure that your Memberplanet account information is kept up to date. For issues with memberplanet contact


    • Confluence
      Confluence is the Fraternity’s main information center, edited and maintained by Brothers. Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia and Facebook, specifically for the Fraternity. It contains all sorts of useful information, documents, event calendars, etc.


    • JIRA
      JIRA is the Office of Information Services help ticket system. If you’ve spotted a bug somewhere or are having trouble with something technology-related, you can use JIRA to tell us about it. We strive to handle all help tickets in a timely manner.


    • Crowd
      Crowd is used to manage your accounts. If you need to change your account password, you can do it here.


  • Update Contact Info
    Use this Google form to request that the Office update your contact information.

Still Stranded?

If you cannot login with your  account and you also could not reset it using Crowd, then you won’t be able to submit a help ticket. Instead, send an email to Be sure to give us your full name and your username, and please send this email from the email account that you wish to have tied to your account. That way, if you forget your password again, you can reset it successfully without having to contact the Fraternity Office.