Delta Force Leadership Academy Application

The application process for the Delta Force C2 will remain open until the class is filled.  Please complete the application as early as possible. Submitting your application later rather than sooner may mean the class fills up before your application is received.

You will need to answer these seven questions as part of your application.  You may find it helpful to complete your answers before starting and then paste the responses into the appropriate questions.  Answer the questions thoroughly, thoughtfully and concisely. Do not duplicate information in your responses.

  1. Please give an example of how you have incorporated the social change principles into your life.
  2. Describe to us how you have been able to take what you learned from Delta Force and share this knowledge with Chapters and Colonies.
  3. What are three things you feel you still need to learn to be a more effective leader?
  4. How do you feel you could best help a struggling a Chapter or Colony become stronger?
  5. Since your time at Delta Force, have you been a mentor to another aspiring leader? How did you go about establishing that relationship? What was the outcome of this relationship?
  6. What is the most significant change you have brought to Delta Lambda Phi so far?
  7. Are you willing and able to step-back from the leader you are now to be and open-minded, active student for the weekend to further your growth as a leader? Are you willing to do this?  (The second question refers to the first.)

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