Fall Rush 2014!

September 5, 2014


Facebook Rush Event


Saturday, September 13th @ 7pm – DLP® Fit Volleyball and Frisbee: Join us at IM West! Get your blood flowing, and have some fun with the brothers.

Monday, September 15th @ 7pm – The Men Behind the Masks: Have any questions? Attend the info session at the union. Afterward, let’s get a drink at bubble island.

Wednesday, September 17th @ 7pm – Knocking Down Injustice: One strike! Two strike! TURKEY! Join us for a few rounds of bowling at the union lanes!

Friday, September 19th @ 7pm – Smoke Screen: Join the brothers as we hang out and enjoy a refreshing hookah or two at Blue Midnight located behind the Grand River Strip!

Sunday, September 21st @ 7pm –Home Movies: Movie, popcorn, and comfort food; Sounds like a great night! Meet us at the union, from there we will take you to the bat cave!

Tuesday, September 23rd @ 7pm – Combat Training: Meet the brothers at the union to journey over to Zap Zone. Join us in a “friendly” game of Laser Tag.

Thursday, September 25th @ 7pm – Retired Supers: Miss the home-cooked meals your mom used to make? Well come join the brothers at the holden kitchen as we enjoy a home(ish)-cooked meal, and talk with some alumni of the fraternity about their experiences, and the benefits of the fraternity after college!

Saturday, September 27th – Get Your Mask! Invite only: You will receive this invitation in person. You must attend one of the above rush events to be considered for one of these invitations.