Benefits of Brotherhood

Every Greek organization offers a different experience for its members. The stereotypical American frat experience portrayed in the media is not what you’ll experience if you join Delta Lambda Phi. Many of our brothers had no intention of being a part of Greek Life during their college years, but they’ve found a home here.

Close-Knit Community

Having an active body of fewer than twenty members allows us to form stronger connections with our brothers. Unlike Greek organizations with over a hundred active members, we are able to build a tight-knit community that encompasses our entire brotherhood.

Opportunities for Leadership Development

Delta Lambda Phi offers unique leadership opportunities to its members, allowing them to be a positive presence for change within their chapters, the larger fraternity, and their greater communities as a whole. There are opportunities to travel and attend various workshops, social events, conferences, and conventions. Brothers are also connected with people on campus who share common values, beliefs, and goals. 

Personal Empowerment

For many of our brothers, college is a time of self-discovery and exploration. Within Delta Lambda Phi, our brothers get to explore their identities as queer men, often for the first time. Brotherhood provides a safe, affirmative space to learn more about your community, your brothers, and yourself.

Academic Support

First and foremost, each of our brothers is here at Michigan State to earn a degree. Our chapter emphasizes academic excellence, requiring brothers to achieve a minimum GPA to maintain active membership. Last academic year, we tied for the second highest GPA within our Greek governing council. We host weekly study hours for members to work on their academics, and our brothers cover a wide range of majors and disciplines, so there’s always someone to offer advice or homework help.

International Support Network

One of the reasons many college students join a fraternity or sorority is the instant networking that accompanies it. Like many Greek organizations, we have hundreds of brothers, all over the country and in a wide range of fields. The international brotherhood provides a network of future connections that can help advance personal and business endeavors. 

Lifelong Relationships

Active brotherhood within a chapter is merely the first step in a lifelong journey. Many of our alumni stay actively involved, still supporting the chapter and attending fraternity events years after graduation. Every year, there are conferences and conventions that bring brothers from all over the world together. We create a chosen family with bonds that transcend time and distance.