Hands Off Policy

HOP is our national Hands Off Policy and is stated such that:

“As the primary goal of the pledge period is the education of pledges and the incorporation of a pledge class into a Chapter or Colony, all initiated members of DLP are required to maintain a strictly fraternal relationship with pledge members within the same Chapter or Colony until the pledge members are initiated, unless a more-than-platonic relationship existed prior to the Rush period.  Individual Chapters and Colonies shall govern the manner in which this Policy is implemented and enforced.  Any alleged HOP violation incapable of being addressed by a single Chapter or Colony will be referred to the National Risk Management Coordinator for action as an alleged violation of the RMP.”

With our local definition extending to:

“No romantic, sexual or other intimate relations or contact shall be allowed between brothers and pledges, brothers and neophytes, brothers and rushees, brothers and potential new members,  neophytes and pledges, neophytes and rushees, neophytes and potential new members, pledges and pledges, or pledges and potential new members. This rule applies only to potential new members, rushees, pledges, neophytes, and brothers within the Chi Chapter”

The purpose of this page is to be able to give an anonymous link for violations on our HOP policy in a safe way for issues to be brought to light without a fear of identity being linked to said disclosure.

If you or someone you know within this chapter’s brotherhood had violated HOP, please follow this link and we will investigate the matter appropriately and promptly. Thank you.