Active brotherhood is an important part of being a brother of Delta Lambda Phi, but it’s only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Brotherhood doesn’t end upon graduation, a fact that is proven by the continued dedication and service of our alumni.

Going back to our re-chartering in 2009, meet the alumni of the Chi chapter.

Epsilon Pledge Class
Aaron Miller Alumnus – Chapter Founder
Ryan Pender Alumnus – Chapter Founder
Eta Pledge Class
Austin Johnson Alumnus – Chapter Founder
Theta Pledge Class
Steven Chang Alumnus – Chapter Founder 
Robert Coffey Alumnus – Chapter Founder 
Justin “Grandma” Drwencke Alumnus
Martin Flores Alumnus
Benjamin Sokoloff Alumnus – Chapter Founder 
 Iota Pledge Class 
Luis “Mystique” Perez Alumnus (Alumni Advisor)
Kappa Pledge Class
Anthony Long Alumnus – Chapter Founder (Former President)
Jess “Big Daddy” Stevens Alumnus – Chapter Founder
Jeffrey Malott Alumnus – Chapter Founder  
Bishop “Mama” Howard Alumnus – Chapter Founder (Former President)
Lambda-Newman Pledge Class  
 Ian “Mrs. Punny” Duncanson Alumnus – Chapter Founder  
 Mu Pledge Class 
Travis Lunsford Alumnus (Former President)
Nu-Case Pledge Class
Zachary DeRade Alumnus
Antonio Clements Alumnus
Jasper “Link” Priest Alumnus
Xi-Ortyl Pledge Class
Easton “Loki” Fayolle Alumnus
Omicron-Camera Pledge Class
Tyler “The Flash” Bonnano Alumnus (Former President)
Marc “Mr. Fantastic” Reed Alumnus
Gordon “Incredible Hulk” Schroeder Alumnus
Pi-Corcoran Pledge Class
Simon “Robin” Austin Alumnus
Seth “Flame” Proffitt Alumnus
Preston “Princess” Rheaume Alumnus (Central Regional Director)
Rho-Stevens Pledge Class
Michael “Rose” Gonino Alumnus
Ben “Flounder” Schroff Alumnus (Alumnus-at-Large, Board of Directors)
Cuauhtemoc “Patronus” Vargas Alumnus
Sigma-Thompson Pledge Class
Nik “Nova” Stahl Alumnus
Tau-Drwencke Pledge Class
Alex “Luna” Myslinski Alumnus
Upsilon Pledge Class
Shae “Covergirl” Christian Alumnus