Delta Lambda Phi COVID-19 Guidance


Brothers and Friends,

Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity is committed to supporting our Brothers and our Chapters during this time and provides the following recommendations and resources as it relates to COVID-19 (commonly known as “coronavirus”).  These are recommendations, not requirements, and you should determine the best course of action for your Chapter in accordance with your university’s requirements and what is best for you and your Brothers’ health and safety. 

If you have any questions regarding what your Chapter should do during this time, please email, which is being monitored by Deputy Executive Director Griffin Parsons and Chief Compliance Officer Nicholas Simons.


DLP’s first and foremost recommendation is that all Brothers and Chapters abide by the guidelines and requirements imposed by their university.  If your university has suspended all organizations’ meetings and events, then immediately discontinue operations and do not meet or hold any scheduled or unscheduled events in defiance of those requirements.  If your university still permits certain meetings or events, then you may continue as planned unless and until your university says otherwise.

Universities’ responses may vary and may change daily depending on these rapidly developing circumstances.  We have compiled each university’s information website on their respective coronavirus responses for all DLP Chapters below.

If there is any conflict between DLP’s recommendations and your university’s requirements, follow your university.


The coronavirus situation is developing rapidly.  Even if your university currently allows organizations to meet and hold events or has not removed students from on-campus housing, that may change quickly.

If your Chapter is still able to meet, it should develop a plan in the event you are required to discontinue operations.  This plan should address whether and how your Chapter will meet, whether and when you can hold Initiation, and what to do if you must cancel any of your events.  DLP has some recommendations and resources below.


If your Chapter is no longer able to meet in person, whether because your university has suspended organizations’ meetings or removed students from on-campus housing, your Chapter should conduct meetings, business, and elections in accordance with your university’s recommendations and determine any alternatives based on what is best for your Chapter’s and your Brothers’ circumstances.

If your Chapter has the capability and desire to do so, you may conduct meetings, business, and elections virtually through conference systems such as Google Hangouts or via written methods such as email.  DLP provides Google Hangouts and other technology to help facilitate this; please email Griffin Parsons and Nicholas Simons for information and support.  

You may also determine that it is in your Chapter’s and your Brothers’ best interests to cancel meetings, business, and elections until further notice and leave any necessary decisions to your Chapter President and other Officers.  The choice is within your Chapter’s discretion.


Similarly to business, Chapters should determine whether and how to conduct New Member Education, events, and Initiation in accordance with university guidelines and in the best interests of your Brothers’ health and safety.

We recommend that Chapters plan for what to do if you must cancel Initiation and other New Member programs this semester and provide guidance to your New Members as soon as possible.  Initiation may be rescheduled if the coronavirus situation improves and universities reopen.


Again, please follow your university’s recommendations regarding continuation or discontinuation of organizations’ events.  This may include events on and off campus or events of a certain size depending on your university’s requirements.  For example, if your university has directed all student events to be cancelled, and your Chapter has planned a philanthropic event off-campus, the event should be canceled.  Smaller Chapter-only socials may be acceptable depending on your university’s guidelines and your judgment of the risks involved.

Chapters should prepare in advance for what they will do if their events must be canceled.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding space rental or vendor contracts that must be canceled along with your event, please reach out to Chief Compliance Officer Nicholas Simons at 


We encourage Chapters to pay their dues and meet other obligations, such as recruitment reports, in a timely manner, particularly if such items are currently outstanding.  However, we understand that Chapters and Brothers have a lot on their minds trying to manage the disruption to your education and personal lives caused by the coronavirus, and your health and safety come first.  These exigent circumstances will not be held against you or your Chapter. If you are unable to pay dues or meet other obligations, please contact Griffin Parsons and Nicholas Simons if possible to communicate your situation.  In the coming months, we will follow up with all Chapters regarding these obligations.


DLP understands that not having meetings and canceling events is disappointing and seriously disrupts our Chapters’ and our Brothers’ plans.  DLP urges its Brothers to understand that these efforts are designed to protect you and the most vulnerable members of our community, such as immunocompromised individuals with HIV/AIDS and the elderly.  It is important that our Brothers act with Integrity and abide by these rules when required.

Please follow good health practices during this time.  Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, see a doctor if you are sick, and abide by quarantine restrictions if you are diagnosed with the coronavirus.  Recommendations are readily available online at the CDC’s website. Additionally, Delta Lambda Phi has developed an FAQ, which can be found here.

Additionally, please keep abreast of your university’s and local community’s recommendations and requirements, which may change daily in this rapidly developing environment.


The coronavirus and universities’ efforts to address it present unique risks to DLP, the Brotherhood, and our communities.  It is imperative that Chapters and Brothers continue to follow the Risk Management Policy during this time, which addresses abiding by your university’s rules and requirements.  If you are found to have violated your university’s rules addressing the coronavirus, it may also be a violation of DLP’s Risk Management Policy.

DLP’s Risk Management Policy was recently updated.  Please find the most current version here.


The University of Michigan Provisional Chapter Installation is currently scheduled for March 27 – 29 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  On March 11, 2020 the University of Michigan moved all classes online through April 21, 2020 and required that all events of 100 people or greater be canceled.  Currently, this requirement does not apply to the Provisional Chapter Installation in size or scope.

As of March 12, the University of Michigan Provisional Chapter Installation is not currently postponed or canceled.  DLP is monitoring the situation and will notify the Brotherhood immediately if there are any changes.

The best way to be immediately apprised of changes to this event is to register on Eventzilla if you plan on attending.


DLP’s Convention 2020 is currently scheduled for July 16 – 20 in Washington, DC.  On March 11, 2020 the District of Columbia Health Department recommended that all non-essential mass gatherings of 1,000 people or more, including conferences and conventions, be postponed or canceled through March 31, 2020.  Currently, this recommendation does not apply to Convention 2020 in size or scope.

As of March 12, Convention 2020 is not currently postponed or canceled.  DLP is monitoring the coronavirus and will provide more information to the Brotherhood regarding plans for Convention 2020 by early April.

* * *

On a personal note, I know this can be a scary and uncertain time. Many of us have never been through something like this in our lifetimes, and unknowns, at the best of times, can be anxiety producing. Please, remember to be extra patient, caring, and kind with your Brothers and the community at large as we all navigate this together. This is the time where brotherhood can truly show itself – even if we can’t be together in person, reaching out via text message, phone call, or other means to remind each other that we care and support each other is more important than ever. As always, do not hesitate to call on myself or any of the members of Fraternity Leadership if you just need some emotional support or encouragement during these trying times. Our Brotherhood is stronger because we stand together. 

In the Bond,
Bryan Guffey
Executive Director


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