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The Delphi Foundation supports a number of purposes. Unrestricted gifts are the can be the most impactful as they allow the needs to be met immediately with funds on hand. However, there is a specific project you would like to support, please reply to the confirmation email you receive indicating how you would like your gift designated.

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Should you prefer to submit your donation via postal mail, please send your donation to:

Delphi Foundation 
2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW, PMB 355 
Washington, DC 20006-1811

Tribute Gifts and Designated Funds

Tribute Gifts are intended to support the mission of Delphi and recognize an individual at the same time.  You can make a tribute gift at any time.

The Delphi Foundation works with the Fraternity office, alumni association, chapters, and individual brothers to create and manage tailored grants and scholarships. If you or your chapter has considered giving to Delphi, feel free to investigate some of our current programs including our newly created Academic Scholarship program. We appreciate all types of support, but the most valuable donations are completely unrestricted and allow the board to identify and support any opportunity to further the Delphi goals.  We can then direct your gift to the area with the most need. 

Donations to the Delphi Foundation are used for educational, charitable, and philanthropic purposes only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Donating Appreciated Stock and Securities to Delphi

The Delphi Foundation can now accept donations of stock and securities.  Please read the details on how you can donate appreciated stock and get an even bigger tax deduction.

Frequent Fliers

You can also support the Delphi Foundation through your flights on American Airlines and Delta. Delphi Foundation participates in the BusinessExtrAA program with American Airlines and SkyBonus program with Delta.  You’ll get the same fare and the same frequent flyer points and Delphi will also be awarded points that can be used to provide services to the fraternity. If you plan flights for others, you can use the BusinessExtrAA or SkyBonus account for them as well.

Airline Program Name Delphi Code
American Airlines Business ExtrAA 780404
Delta Airlines SkyBonus US0033895


Additionally, for fliers on any airline with extra award miles that they are not using or accumulated credit card rewards that are not being used, Delphi may be able to make use of them to arrange travel for attendees at various events.  If you would like to donate in this manner, please contact the Foundation board for more information.  A single domestic ticket (25K miles on many airlines) can save Delphi hundreds in airfare for an attendee at the Delta Force Leadership Weekend.

Donating through your Amazon purchases

Your purchases at Amazon can support Delphi.  Just use Delphi Foundation through the Amazon Smile program and 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to Delphi automatically.  Nothing further is required of you, the price is the exact same as if you just purchased from Amazon without supporting a charity, and your purchases are kept confidential.  Donations through Amazon Smile are accumulated and passed to Delphi every three months without any information about the individual donors.

Donating through eBay Giving Works

You can support Delphi through eBay’s Giving Works program.  There are two ways you can do this:

  • List an item for sale on eBay with a percentage of the proceeds donated to Delphi
  • Add a donation amount when you make a purchase

Donations collected through Giving Works are accumulated and passed to Delphi each month without any information about the individual donors.  If you would like to support Delphi this way and want us to recognize you for your donations, please contact us with details about your donation so that we may record it for you properly.