Donating Stock and Securities to Delphi

The Delphi Foundation can now accept donations of stock and securities directly from your brokerage account.  You can make a gift that will support the programs of the Delphi Foundation and help us grow into the future.  You get a larger tax benefit and Delphi is able to support the important programs that support educational achievement and development of future leaders .

When you transfer stock that appreciated over the years, the value of the stock is the tax-deductible amount.  Additionally, since you did not sell the stock, you will owe NO tax on the capital gains built into that stock.  For example, assume you bought a stock ten years ago for $1,000 and it has doubled in value to $2,000.

If you sell the stock If you donate without selling
Cost Basis $1,000 $1,000
Capital Gain on Sale $1,000 $0
Taxes on Capital Gain (15%) $150 $0
Donation Amount to Delphi $1,850 $2,000
IRS Tax Deduction $1,850 $2,000
Tax Savings (35%) $647.50 $700
Net Tax Savings to you $497.50 $700


When you give the stock instead of the cash, Delphi gets an extra $150 and you save an extra $200 in taxes. While your exact situation may be slightly different, the overall benefit is the greatest when you donate those securities directly to Delphi instead of selling them first. Consult your tax adviser for more details on your specific situation.



Transferring your securities to Delphi is easy.  Just give a letter of instruction to your broker with the securities you would like them to transfer and the information for the Delphi Foundation brokerage account:

Brokerage: TD Ameritrade
DTC: 0188
Account Number: 863417245
Legal Name: Delphi Foundation of Delta Lambda Phi

Tax ID: 52-1900962

Please note that donations do NOT come through with donor information.  Please send an e-mail to and provide the donor’s name and the details of the securities contributed so that we can issue an appropriate donation receipt letter for IRS purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.  Your support is what makes this possible.  Thank you!


Donations to the Delphi Foundation are used for educational, charitable, and philanthropic purposes only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.