Supporting the Convention Reception

Join the Delphi Foundation to support the reception at convention

In 2004, the Alumni Association began a tradition of sponsoring the opening reception at Convention.  A few years later, the Delphi Foundation joined with the Alumni Association to sponsor additional elements of convention to expand the available programs provided to attendees.

In 2012, the National Fraternity contacted Delphi and requested additional support for the now-popular opening reception.  While the Alumni Association is undergoing a revitalization, Delphi will step up and double the annual contribution to $2,000 to support this popular event.  We’ll also be moving several other parts of the program from the banquet to this reception in order to prevent the banquet from running longer than the Academy Awards.  In addition to the standard presentations and roasts that have been part of the opening reception, the annual Delphi Academic Scholarships will be presented here as well as several of the awards that have traditionally been given at the banquet.

We need your support to continue and grow this tradition along with the other programs of the Delphi Foundation.  Donations to the Delphi Foundation are the only way to make a tax-deductible donation to support the fraternity.  Donors through this campaign will be individually recognized at the reception for their support to ensure that this popular event continues to thrive.

To make your donation, please continue to PayPal and enter your donation amount.  Every donation is welcome, and we hope you will consider the Delphi Foundation a worthwhile steward of your funds to continue our work in a number of different areas.