Application for Membership: ΔΛΦ – Delta Chapter

Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity was founded in 1986 by gay men for all men. The Delta Chapter based in the Twin Cities, MN was founded in 1988. DLP strives to make our presence make a difference. We cordially invite you to consider joining DLP. Please keep in mind that rush is a mutual process of evaluation between prospective new members and the brothers of DLP. You are thus encouraged to attend multiple rush events so you can to get a more complete picture of DLP. While you are are considering whether DLP is your cup of tea, the brothers of DLP are interested in knowing who can help lead Delta Chapter upward and onward to continue making our presence make a difference in the Twin Cities. At the end of rush, the brotherhood will extend a limited number of bids (invitations to join the Delta Chapter Pledge Education Program). Thank you for coming out to party with the Lambda Men and we look forward to getting to know you!
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    Note: If you have a preexisting relationship with any member of Delta Lambda Phi - Delta Chapter, please let us know immediately.
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