How to Join


The process of joining the Delta Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi® has two phases: recruitment and new member education. Each phase is held twice a year: fall semester (starting in early September) and spring semester (starting in late January). You must be an enrolled student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities to join Delta Lambda Phi.



The recruitment period is an opportunity that lasts about 2 weeks for those men who are interested in joining Delta Lambda Phi® to get to know the Brotherhood and for the brothers to get to know the future potential members of DLP®. Recruitment consists of a series of events, including parties and activities in the community, all of which are open to the public. It is strongly encouraged that potential new members – attend as many events as possible in order to get a more complete picture about the fraternity and the Brotherhood. Additionally, attending several events allows the Brothers a better chance to ensure that the fraternity is a good fit with a potential new member’s personal interests and schedule. At the end of recruitment, the Brotherhood extends a limited number of BIDS – invitations to join the DLP® New Member Education Program. Those potential new members that are offered Bids have an opportunity to ask questions of the Brothers before deciding whether or not to accept the bid and enter into the New Member Education Program.



The New Member Education period generally lasts from 6 to 8 weeks. There are several elements and requirements in the new member period that are necessary to complete the experiential journey from new member to Brother. During the new member period, you and your fellow new member brothers will participate in and plan activities that are meant to build teamwork and the bonds of Brotherhood. Throughout the process as a new member, you will be assigned a Big Brother, who will serve as a guide and mentor during the new member journey. Although there are many elements to the New Member Education period, the most important element is to have fun! DLP® is chiefly a social group, so we want to make sure that you are getting the best experience possible. Some of the activities you may be participating in as a new member include a community service project which the new member class will organize, a “Voluntary Relocation of the President” event, and various brotherhood events and parties. At the conclusion of the new member period, selected new members are chosen to cross into the Brotherhood.