Delta Force Leadership Academy

January 17 – 20, 2020 at 4-H Camp Ohio!

Delta Force Leadership Academy is celebrating 10 years of leadership excellence.  This unique program provides the opportunity for members of DLP to further develop their leadership skills through a series of intensive, intentional leadership experiences.  The Delta Force Leadership Academy is an extension of the experiential learning that happens in the larger fraternal experience. Delta Force enriches the lives of participants through intense, intentional community experiences where everyone is challenged to pursue a life of personal excellence and life-long learning.  The Delta Force Academy’s mission is to empower all participants to become agents for powerful, positive change in their communities.



Delta Lambda Phi is committed to creating the leaders the world needs.  Grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, this four day, highly intensive program provides participants the opportunity to identify their personal values and examine their leadership style.  Participants acquire the skills needed to create a positive impact on  their world.


Alongside their peers, this experience provides participants practice collaboration skills to enhance their chapters’ experiences centered around our common purpose.  Participants will walk away better prepared to rise to the challenges of leadership and inspire their chapters to have an even greater positive impact on their campus and community.


Why is it called Delta Force?

In the early days of the Fraternity, our Conventions were themed much as they are now, with one significant difference – they were all called “Delta Force” followed by a number.  Delta Force, Delta Force II, Delta Force III –you get the idea.  I don’t recall when or why we dropped the moniker.  It’s just one of those things that we collectively decided had outlived its relevance.

When looking for something to call the new leadership program, I looked back to our history. Delta Lambda Phi was making its presence known across the country and we were certainly a force wherever we showed up.

The hope and expectation has always been that those who come to the weekend will take what they learn back home with them and share with their chapters and communities.  And when you look at what the graduates of the weekend have been doing these past five years you can see the impact of “the Delta Force” within the Fraternity.

Did you know?

The Social Change Model is officially part of our Brotherhood Development plan?  The Board of Directors established guidance for the Executive Director as we continue to strengthen our Brotherhood Development program.  Check-out the Fraternity Policies Section 5.4.3 for details.

On Behalf of the Delta Force Leadership Academy Team and the Delphi Foundation, I want to thank everyone for their support of these programs and ask for your support as we continue to develop a program that supports all of our Brothers with opportunities to create The Better Fraternity and in the process become The Better Person.

In the bond of Brotherhood,

Ernie Hall, Life Member
Alumnus, Mu Chapter