Delphi Foundation

The Delphi Foundation is the Charitable Foundation of Delta Lambda Phi. Donations to Delphi support educational and leadership development through academic scholarships and an annual “block grant” to the Fraternity. Chapters and Colonies and LAAs can partner with the Delphi Foundation to accept charitable donations which are placed in a fund for reserved for their use. These encumbered funds must be used for purposes for which Delphi was created under the IRS guidelines.

One such program is Delphi’s management of the Alumni Association’s Timothy Ortyl Conference Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to brothers traveling to conferences sponsored by the Fraternity.

Delphi is also the home of the Delta Force Leadership Academy. This program is developed by Lambda Men for Lambda Men and is built on our core values and our Guiding Principle. It is an intentional leadership training program to help Lambda Men develop leadership skills to be successful in their roles in the fraternity as well as prepare for success on campus and their careers.

Donations to the Delphi Foundation are Tax Deductible

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Delta Lambda Phi Alumni Association

The DLP Alumni Association is the membership organization for alumni of Delta Lambda Phi, providing continuing engagement, education, and a whole lot of fun to all alumni of the Fraternity. Through donations and membership dues, the Association provides membership benefits including, but not limited to, discounts on event registrations, the Centaur’s Yell (quarterly alumni newsletter), career advising, and mentorship, and support the Fraternity in general.

The Association is responsible for planning the annual White & Gold weekends, regional alumni events, and the alumni track and alumni related events at conferences and Convention.

The Association also administers two main funds, for which any member of the Fraternity is eligible:

  • David L. West Convention Assistance Fund – Created in 2012 and named in honor of Br. West (who pledged that any brother who wishes to attend Convention should not be barred due to financial inability), it provide financial assistance to those Brothers who don’t have the means to attend the Fraternity’s Annual Convention.
  • Timothy Ortyl Conference Assistance Fund – Created in 2015 and named in honor of Br. Ortyl (who selflessly made sure brothers could attend conferences), it provides financial grants to assist brothers in attending regional conferences sponsored by the Fraternity. Donations to the Ortyl fund are tax Deductible and handled through the Delphi Foundation.


Donations to the Alumni Association are NOT Tax Deductible, except for donations to the Ortyl Fund.

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