The Brotherhood

Our Mission

Founded by Gay men for all men, the mission of Delta Lambda Phi is to enhance the quality of life among men irrespective of sexual orientation and/or gender expression by providing dignified and purposeful social, service and recreational activities.


Guiding Principles

ΔΛΦ is based on these three founding principles:

☆ To develop dignified and purposeful social, service, and recreational activities for all men, irrespective of sexual orientation and/or gender expression

☆ To lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society.

☆ To present a strong and positive image, which respects the diversity of all individuals.

ΔΛΦ internationally has 31 active chapters and 3 colonies across the nation. At UCLA, we are the Γ (Gamma) Chapter of ΔΛΦ.


Our Chapter

The Γ (Gamma) chapter at UCLA was chartered in 1988 and re-founded in 2007. Since then, we garnered several new generations of brothers and alumni and continue to foster the growth of prospective Lambda Men here at UCLA.



Delta Lambda Phi is modeled after other collegiate Greek societies. It has a formal pledging process, a coat of arms, a fraternity pin, a national convention and chapter programs that conform to National Interfraternity Council policies. Delta Lambda Phi follows a policy governance model and maintains its national office in Washington, DC. Members of the National Office, headed by the National Executive Director, oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization. National Conventions provide the board of directors and chapter leadership an opportunity to review Fraternity policies, attend leadership and educational seminars and socialize. The Fraternity is governed by an elected nine-member board of directors who carry out the policies of the organization between annual conventions.