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Annual Ally Week celebrates the LGBTQQIA community

UCLA students to show support for community and allies at Pride Prom tonight in Hollywood

Published April 14, 2011, 2:14 am

Armando Huipe has an alternate personality. Her name is Charon and tonight she will be wearing a Ke$ha-inspired black and gold dress to prom.

Huipe is one of the hundreds of UCLA students attending the third annual Pride Prom, an event celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and its allies.

“We see it as a kind of second chance at prom – this time, you get to go with the person you really wanted to go with,” said Darlene Tran, third-year psychology student and recruitment chair of Gamma Rho Lambda, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersexed and allied sorority for anyone who identifies herself as female.

Gamma Rho Lambda is co-hosting tonight’s event with Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men.

This year’s theme is “Burlesque,” inspired by the eponymous movie starring Christina Aguilera.

Huipe, who just finished his term as president of Delta Lambda Phi, said he attended two proms in high school. Both times, his date was a girl.

“In high school, I was still in the closet,” said Huipe, a fourth-year English student. “I was really worried about what coming out would do to my image – I didn’t want it to define me.”

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Professor Stuart Biegel will lecture on his findings about

pre-college LGBT discrimination at UCLA School of Law’s

‘The Right to be Out’

Published January 19, 2011, 12:10 am

Armando Huipe had known for more than seven years that he was gay, but he did not come out after his high school graduation.

“I was playing a role at school and at home,” said Huipe, a fourth-year English student and president of Delta Lambda Phi, UCLA’s fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men. “(I was) only able to be myself when I was by myself.”

According to Huipe, he finally became comfortable with his sexuality in college because of what he called a much more open and supportive community than in high school. However, Huipe said not all closeted youth are fortunate enough to make it to college, given the pressures they feel from not fitting in.

To examine the treatment of pre-collegiate gay youth, the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law will host “The Right to be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America’s Public Schools.”

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LGBT groups help raise money in AIDS Walk

Delta Lambda Phi, Gamma Rho Lambda participate in Sunday’s 10-kilometer event


Published October 19, 2010, 1:09 am


Calvin Cheng had to fight his urge to run as he trekked all 10 kilometers of Sunday’s AIDSWalk Los Angeles.

“It was kind of like peeling a Band-Aid off really slowly,” the veteran cross-country enthusiast and fourth-year Spanish and linguistics student said of resisting his desire to sprint the race. “Since we were walking, the pain just lasted longer.”

Cheng conquered the race alongside celebrity supporters, such as “Project Runway” star Jack Mackenroth, and his Delta Lambda Phi fraternity brothers.

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LGBTQQIA sorority Gamma Rho Lambda begins fall


Gamma Rho Lambda established itself as a new chapter at UCLA in spring 2010


Published October 4, 2010, 2:23 am


Correction: Jeanette Zuniga and Amy Franklin were misquoted in the original version of this article.

By spring 2010, the members of the UCLAchapter of Gamma Rho Lambda had held a number of social events.

They had movie nights, trips to Yogurtland and co-hosted a Pride Prom with Delta Lambda Phi. In May they attended a spring sorority event less common than the rest. It was the wedding reception for the domestic partnership of theUCLA chapter’s president and founder, Amanda Murillo.

Murillo, who graduated in the spring with a degree in history, founded the progressive women’s sorority in the spring of her third year at UCLA after coming in as a transfer student.

“The campus is so big. … I just wanted to have a little family within the campus,” Murillo said. “A safe haven, and an organization that would be accepting.”

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Federal appeals court extends stay on ruling of Proposition

8’s unconstitutionality

Federal appeals court responds to appeal on Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling on Proposition 8


Published August 26, 2010, 10:43 pm


A federal appeals court last week extended a halt on same-sex marriages in California for the duration of Proposition 8’s appeals process, which will begin in December and could lead to a battle before the Supreme Court.
The Aug. 16 ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit was the latest in the legal war over the voter-approved initiative.
Same-sex couples around the state celebrated on Aug. 4 when Judge Vaughn Walker’s declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional and lifted the ban on same-sex marriage. But wedding bells did not ring right away. Walker stayed his ruling to allow proponents of Proposition 8 time to file with the appeals court, meaning no new marriages could take place.
An appeal came swiftly, taking issue with Walker’s ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, in addition to other matters.

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Students against Proposition 8 find support

Groups gather in Bruin Plaza to protest measure, see little resistance from passersby

Published October 12, 2008, 11:27 pm

Those committed enough to attend their Friday classes were greeted in Bruin Plaza by signs and speakers protesting Proposition 8, a measure that would ban same-sex marriage in California.

Members of Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men, joined volunteers from the Student Coalition for Marriage Equality in dispersing fliers, speaking with students about the proposition, collecting donations and registering volunteers for phone-bank campaigns and other events.

“People have been coming up and saying, ‘We hate on 8,’ and have been asking for fliers and pamphlets to hand out. We’ve gotten a lot of good responses,” said James Stinebaugh, a 2004 UCLA graduate.

Stinebaugh explained that many of the students who encountered the demonstration picked up signs, donned T-shirts and greeted passersby to show their support.

In total, the organization “No on 8, Equality for All” reported $100 in donations and 70 phone-bank volunteers.

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All in the name of brotherhood

UCLA soon to welcome back chapter of largest fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men

Published February 1, 2007, 9:00 pm


Surrounded by sorority girls and feeling uncomfortable displaying affection toward his long-time partner, Richard Passmore-Ramirez did not feel like a perfect match rushing a Latino fraternity of prominently straight membership, he said.

So this year the third-year Chicana/o studies student, who is openly gay, set out to reactivate the UCLA chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity specifically for gay, bisexual and progressive men.

Last week, the fraternity held winter rush activities, including a barbecue in Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, a Diddy Riese ice cream social and a bonfire where the final bids were handed out.

They also received support from other fraternities on campus during rush, Passmore-Ramirez said.

During fall rush this year, the colony – or “chapter in training,” Passmore-Ramirez said – handed out eight bids, adding an additional seven bids during winter rush. In the two quarters, 21 people rushed, said Joseph Hernandez, a first-year psychology student and DLP rush chair.

This Saturday, these 15 men will be inducted, and the colony will become an official chapter, Hernandez said.

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National fraternity seeks return to Greek system

Delta Lambda Phi aims to reestablish chapter to provide brotherhood for UCLA’s gay community


Published November 7, 2006, 9:00 pm

Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity is just like any other collegiate fraternity. They rush. They pledge. They even promise an eternal bond of brotherhood.

But DLP is different in that their 2,000 members mainly identify themselves as gays, bisexuals or progressives – a roster that is relatively unheard of in the fraternity community.

The fraternity may establish itself at UCLA within the next couple of weeks and would be the first fraternity on campus devoted specifically to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The introduction of the new fraternity comes largely in response to student efforts.

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DLP Brother Making His Presence Known on Campus

Gamma Chapter Brother Elected President of MIGC at UCLA

3/25/2009–Delta Lambda Phi would to extend its congratulations to Brother Joey Hernandez on his recent election to the position of President of the UCLA Multi-Interest Greek Council. The Gamma chapter of Delta Lambda Phi was directly approached to recommend a brother for this seat after having seen the Gamma chapter grow over the past few years and create a presence on the UCLA campus.

We are very proud to see Br. Hernandez take on this role and be a voice for the Gamma Chapter, and all other chapters that sit on the council, to the greater UCLA community.