Member Spotlight: Joseph Cano Zelaya

May 11, 2020


Des Moines, Iowa



Year in school

Transfer…I should be junior but my credits got messed up so I’m technically a sophomore.

What made you join?

It is was sort of an accident, (LOL) but I wanted to find a queer community that wasn’t based on the stigma of gays cannot development meaningful relationship with one another. And I saw that DLP had such a strong sense of community. I thought it was perfect fit for me.

What’s your favorite part of DLP?

I love the friendships I have developed, we are like a big family, we make each other laugh, we help each other out and we help out the community. It has definitely helped shape my college experience.

What do you do in your free time?

I love watching and making YouTube video (mainly just random videos that I make for myself and close friends), I love playing animal crossing and Sly Cooper. In addition, I love just hanging out with friends.

What are your future career/personal goals?

Long term I plan to graduate with a Criminology degree with a math minor. For career-wise, I want to become a Crime Statistic Analyst for the government and I want to move to Canada to find and meet my Canadian men.