We Believe Survivors

October 2, 2020

(Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence)

This post won’t be like our others, I haven’t done a fancy graphic, I won’t speak in cheery and upbeat promotional phrases. This is to let those affected by the recent sexual assaults at fraternity structures know that we stand with you, we believe you, and you are valid.

Time to make this post even more different, I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain.

My name is Spencer Owen, I’m the Vice President of this chapter, Executive Director of Associated Residence Halls, a council officer for the Multicultural Greek Council, and most importantly for this post.

I am a survivor of an attempted sexual assault.

I could recite to you my experience, but you’ve heard this before. I could tell you the pain I experienced, the shame I endured, and the impact it still has on me today, but this post isn’t about me, and you’ve heard these stories before whether it be from your friends, your siblings in your chapter, your coworkers, and for some of you, you lived these stories.

As a chapter that exists heavily within the queer community on our campus we are all too familiar with others who share these experiences. We know of fellow brothers, members of the FSL community, and we know of friends & family who share with us those experiences.

Sexual assault is not an individual issue on this campus, it is a systemic issue deeply embedded within our campus and our world.

We at the Gamma Gamma Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi stand-in solidarity with not only those who have reported the recent incidents at fraternity structures but also with those like myself, who didn’t report our incidents.

We cannot continue to act as if these incidents are merely the actions of isolated members of our community, we must take ownership and we must put forth the work required to build a better future for our chapters, our FSL community, and our campus.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault the following campus resources are among the resources available to you.

Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP)


(319) 335-6000 (24-hour hotline)

University Counseling Services (UCS)


(for students): (319) 335-7294

Women’s’ Action and Resource Center (WRAC)


(319) 335-1486

Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator