FAQ: Joining a Chapter

Why should I join Delta Lambda Phi instead of some other social group?

Delta Lambda Phi does not compete with other social organizations. The number of special-interest groups in the LGBTQIA community is amazing, and Delta Lambda Phi supports the existence of them all.

More to the point, Delta Lambda Phi fills a unique niche; it provides a place for all men to have purposeful and dignified social, recreational, and service activities. The Fraternity was founded to allow all men a place in which to form quality, lifelong friendships with other men—a place to find Brotherhood. While we agree other LGBTQIA social groups are important, we believe it is hard to find friendships as strong as the ones our members create through Delta Lambda Phi.

How much does it cost to join?

The Fraternity assesses annual dues for all pledges and Brothers. The exact amount depends on a number of factors and fluctuates from year to year, but is usually around $200. This makes Delta Lambda Phi one of the most affordable fraternities in the country.

So aren’t I just “paying for friends”?

Becoming a member of any organization, be it professional, social, or educational, usually requires some sort of fee. The annual dues allow the Fraternity to offer greater opportunities and resources to its members. Put another way, life is about doing things, and doing things costs money. In this respect, Delta Lambda Phi is no different.

Does Delta Lambda Phi discriminate?

No. All men, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression are welcome to apply for membership.

Does Delta Lambda Phi allow straight members?

Yes, Delta Lambda Phi has straight Brothers. One of the chief strengths of Delta Lambda Phi is its tremendous diversity.

What is Delta Lambda Phi’s policy on transgender members?

The Fraternity has had transgender members practically since its beginnings. Delta Lambda Phi strives to create an accepting, supportive environment for all men. To that end, the Brotherhood now employs the following membership policy: Delta Lambda Phi defines “man” as any person who self-identifies as male at some point during their collegiate experience. Thus, any female-bodied persons who self-identify as male at some time during college are eligible to join, and any male-bodied persons who later transition to a female identity are still considered Brothers of Delta Lambda Phi. This policy takes a progressive stance on an often contentious issue, and is an expression both of the Fraternity’s commitment to civil rights, as well as the Bonds of Brotherhood that join all our members.

Will I be hazed?

Delta Lambda Phi enforces a strict anti-hazing policy. The willful abuse and/or public embarrassment of pledges by Brothers flies in the face of everything that our Fraternity stands for. Hazing will never be tolerated within our organization.

Isn’t “gay fraternity” just code for “sex club”?

No. Delta Lambda Phi is a real fraternal organization. It was founded on the idea that gay, bisexual, trans, and progressive men deserve the same opportunity to experience the deep, meaningful connections that are fundamental to the Greek system, without fear of discrimination or ostracization. Though some people may find it fun to imagine that a group billing itself as a “gay fraternity” is all about sex, nothing could be further from the truth. Delta Lambda Phi stands for much more.