The Provisional Chapter Process

Delta Lambda Phi is growing rapidly, but we do not create new Chapters lightly. The Fraternity has developed a rigorous process for the creation of new Chapters that ensures that new members have both the leadership skills and commitment to see the group through.

Step 1: Interest Group

The first step in founding a Chapter is to assemble a group of like-minded men. This is called an Interest Group. Think of this as an initial recruitment drive. There is no time limit or set schedule for the initial recruitment. Instead, it is important to ensure that all members of the group get along with each other, are serious about the Fraternity, and share a willingness to commit to its ideals and purposes. You should also contact the Office of Expansion as soon as possible for guidance and support. During this time, it is important to spend time together as a group, as well as to consider what sort of Chapter you would like to become. What does your group stand for? How does that fit within the larger whole of Delta Lambda Phi? Once the Interest Group includes at least ten (10) serious members, they may apply to become a provisional chapter of Delta Lambda Phi.

Step 2: Provisional Chapter

A Provisional Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi is a Chapter-in-training. In this stage of the process, a group is working towards being recognized as an official Chapter of the Fraternity. Similar to Chapters, you will be recruiting new members, organizing social events, raising funds for your group and participating in philanthropy efforts. You are also doing the work unique to Founders: gaining recognition at your college or university, starting the traditions of your future Chapter, and laying the groundwork for all future generations of the Fraternity.

Beta Psi Chapter Founders

The Fraternity provides guidance throughout this period. Every Provisional Chapter is assigned two official Mentors, or Brothers who have committed to seeing the Colony through this time. These Mentors act as educators and advisors throughout the process to become a full-fledged chapter. Additionally, Provisional Chapters are expected to maintain regular contact with their Regional Director, as well as attend Regional Conferences and Conventions. In this way, Provisional Chapters are provided with a far-reaching support network to help them through periods of uncertainty or difficulty.

Step 3: Chapter Chartering

In order to progress from a Provisional Chapter to a full Chapter, the group must successfully educate a minimum of three pledge classes (one per semester), show continued growth and sustainability, and demonstrate good leadership. Upon submission of a Chapter Charter Petition and approval from the Board of Directors, the Provisional Chapter will undergo a Chartering Initiation. If approved, the group will receive letter designation as an official Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi.

Beta Tau Chartering, University of Texas, El Paso