Do you have to be a student to join Delta Lambda Phi?

The University of Arizona, Omega Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi is a campus-based chapter. Campus-based Chapters usually must obey their college or university requirements in that one must be a student to join to chapter.

Does Delta Lambda Phi discriminate?

No. All men, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic background, religion or sexual orientation, are welcome to apply for membership. There are no “litmus tests” concerning membership eligibility.

Does Delta Lambda Phi allow heterosexual members?

Yes, Delta Lambda Phi has heterosexual Brothers. One of the chief strengths of Delta Lambda Phi is its tremendous diversity and we are always looking for allies to welcome into the bond.

You said “all men” are welcome to join Delta Lambda Phi; does that mean women are excluded?

Delta Lambda Phi has visited the topic of women members several times. In 1992, the Fraternity’s governing body decided to remain exclusively male rather than going coed. The reasoning being, if straight men can have a “traditional” (i.e., non-coed) Greek experience, gay men should be able to have it as well. As well, gay men, by virtue of their being gay men, go through a unique, shared social experience. Delta Lambda Phi is a way for gay men of varying backgrounds (sometimes radically varying backgrounds) to find common ground in that experience. Those who claim that our lesbian friends, as much as we love and support them as comrades-in-arms, have the same social experience as gay men, are, frankly, deluding themselves. Our lesbian friends have the option of pledging our national “sister” sorority, Lambda Delta Omega or another inclusive organization such as Gamma Rho Lambda.

How does one join Delta Lambda Phi?

See our “Recruitment” page for information about our next Recruitment events!

Why don’t Brothers of Delta Lambda Phi just join the gay student group or a local gay advocacy group?

They can do both! Delta Lambda Phi does not compete with other social groups. The number of special-interest groups in the gay community is amazing, and Delta Lambda Phi supports the existence of them all. Delta Lambda Phi fills a niche that had been unfilled until 1986; it provides a place for gay men to have purposeful and dignified social, recreational, and service activities. The Fraternity was founded to allow gay men a place in which to form quality, lifelong friendships with other gay men–a place to find Brotherhood. Brotherhood is something extremely hard to find in a bar, for instance; and while we agree other gay social groups are important, it’s equally hard to find friendships as strong as Brotherhood in them as well.

Why would gay men, who are regularly ostracized by society at large, form a group that is exclusive (i.e., it selects its members rather than having an open-door policy)?

This is a legitimate question. One of the wonderful things about the gay community is its inclusiveness. However, the specific mission of Delta Lambda Phi–to form bonds of Brotherhood between gay men–precludes us from having an “open-door” policy. Frankly, there is no way a pledge class of 75 men will bond as closely as a group of 15 does. It is the very nature of the activities we run to foster those bonds–not mean-spiritedness or exclusivity–that makes us limit our membership. While it is quite difficult to sit down and evaluate pledges, the process serves the greater good of the Fraternity.

Is there hazing in the pledge process?

No. Delta Lambda Phi expressly forbids hazing in conjunction with any Fraternity activities.  We are in compliance with any and all University, Local, and National authorities concerning hazing and risk management.