Who We Are


Delta Lambda Phi strives to provide an accepting alternative to greek life on campus. As a progressive fraternity the PSI chapter works to create a open atmosphere for progressive men to meet and form strong bonds.

What is “Progressive?”

Progressive simply means being open to alternate viewpoints and life styles. We believe in creating an open and accepting atmosphere while also keeping a sense of humor about ourselves.

The Three Purposes of Delta Lambda Phi

To develop dignified and purposeful, social, service, and recreational activities, for progressive men irrespective of sexual orientation or gender expression.

The Founder of Delta Lambda Phi wished to create a place within the fraternal system for progressive men to have the same experience as other fraternity men, and not be singled out due to their sexual orientation. Since Delta Lambda Phi never condones hazing, all of our events seek to show to the community how Lambda Men are upstanding members of the community. Like all fraternities, we exist for social reasons, but we also seek to help those around us.

To lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society.

This principle goes hand in hand with making our presence known and being a friend to all. Sometimes we, as members of Delta Lambda Phi, must stand up for those around us who can’t speak for themselves. We may demonstrate this by ensuring everyone is treated equally and that no one is ever discriminated against for any reason. This may be done in a small or large way in the community or college campus through our service activities. This is truly one of the best ways to make our presence known and spread the name of Delta Lambda Phi.

To present a strong and positive image, which respects the diversity of all individuals.

Discrimination exists in many forms and as members of Delta Lambda Phi, we educate people about other cultures, ideologies, and principles. We promote positive images that combat stereotypes and diversity in our lives. A Lambda Man is never afraid to stand up for what is right or step outside his comfort zone.