Closing the Quarter, Opening a New Year

All great achievements require time
~Maya Angelou


Hey y’all!

The Xi Chapter has a ton of new, exciting things we’ve been preparing for all year long. To begin with, Mark your calendars- Davis is Burning is scheduled for May, 2018!! Tons of great music, great choreography and wonderful reveals. 

Additionally, the Actives and Pledges are working very hard behind the scenes, though, before we get to reveal anything else, a much needed break is in order. 

So, until then, a hug to everyone, and well wishes.


As 2017 approaches its closing act, I find it important to say

Thank You

For the Beta Delta DeOcampo Class

For my new Little, 

For my brothers,

and for being able to be home, without needing a Winter Break. 

Delta Lambda Phi is my Home.


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