Add a Chapter to your Life: Fly~ Xi

Hey Y’all!

Fall Quarter has started and the weather may be cooling, but we’re just starting to turn up the heat.

Starting this week, from Tuesday, Oct 9th to Friday Oct 19th our fraternity will be holding our annual Fall Rush! We’ll be holding a total of 5 events in different locations over the next 5 weeks as we get to know members of our student community in search of new brothers to join our family. We’d love it if y’all could stop by, grab a slice or a bite and chat for a while.

Let’s have a kiki – We’ll be having a cute lunch get-together on the Campus Quad. We’ll be meeting near the MU Flag Pole just after noon to eat, talk, and maybe catch up one tea.

Bowling Time! – This event was tons of fun last year. Between the boppin music and over mirthful laughs, the bowling pins never stood a chance. We’ll be meeting downstairs at the MU Games Area near the desk.

Baby Queers BBQ – Our LGBTQIA+ specific event for this Fall Rush will feature good food, awesome games and everything you’d need to have a great start to your week.

DLP Showcase – We’ll be showing off 29 years of memorabilia as we share our story: who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Additionally, we’ll be reviewing some fun throwbacks like past Davis is Burning clips/videos and past years’ ArrowJam performances.Come get to know us. You may not have ever though the word frat would apply to you, but that’s how most of us felt before meeting DLP.

Interviews – This event is mandatory for all individuals wishing to go through the Rush process (briefly outlined here). All interested individuals can contact us at (530) 564-6346 for more details or if you require accomodations.

Hope to see y’all there! I’m super amped to meet tons of new people, and hopefully meet my next brother(s) or even my next Little. I’m always happy to see my family expand, especially because theres a lot of love and support to go around.


Dante 🌺


PS. Please note that attending any Rush event is in no way a commitment to the organization. It is simply a way for potential new members and Active Brothers to meet each other/get to know each other. Should both be mutually interested, the chapter may extend you a bid to offer an opportunity for the potential new member to join the organization. All our events are open to male-identifying individuals attending UC Davis, and they’re free. All interested individuals can contact us at (530) 564-6346 for more details or if you require accomodations.

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