Greek Life Can Be For Me


College is the location, the near perfect place for opportunity. At any given university, there’s tons of clubs, activities, competitive teams, and centers for involvement. UC Davis is no different. Why then, even consider Greek Life?

Greek Life isn’t always what it’s made out to be in movies and TV shows. It’s not all posh and parties, similar to life itself.

The uniqueness about the Greek System is level of bonding and commitment, which is near unprecedented. Greek Life is a connection deeper and more poignant that encompasses all forms of support in all aspects of your life.

The second secret though is that most of us didn’t even consider Greek Life until we met Delta Lambda Phi. That’s because, DLP takes all of the strengths of the greek system and expands it to meet the needs of minorities by acknowledging the unique and intrinsic diversity of the progressive, self-identified male as well as by supporting every individual’s definition of success and providing support in the widest array of manners possible.

DLP is about recognizing diversity in all of its forms, and engaging our different forms of diversity to ensure they make our strengths all the better. DLP is about having and giving the time, energy, and support needed to achieve our personal goals and to be the pillars of support for our community as a whole.